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“Building your dream house shouldn’t be a nightmare! “

At NAMIC, We offer outstanding, distinctive, and innovative design solutions for the landscape, which blend the best materials with exceptional skill. Our coherent vision of quality and excellent customer service will turn your landscape into the getaway of your dreams. We are devoted to making your landscape project a wonderful experience, from design to implementation. We are very devoted to your vision and to including you every step of the way. With our customized landscape and hard coat materials, we can enable you to build outdoor living areas inspired by your home surroundings. You can rely on our specialists to offer the correct materials and guidance for any size project, from landscape borders to patios and water features. We provide a broad selection of natural stone material and all sorts of ornamental rock; we have comprehensive storage systems, pavers, steps, sod, mulch, and much more. Our profession is turning your ideas into reality.

Custom Landscapes

At NAMIC, The service we undertake offers you precise landscaping.

Our experienced team offers many alternatives for projects that improve your yard and increase the usage of your property. We provide our customers the best handmade quality, customer service, and competitive prices. Collaborating with you will give us the chance to change your present home to your dream home.

Retaining Walls And Steps

Besides the decorative aspect, the application is more critical. The main functions of the retaining walls are to prevent the erosion of the ground and generate useable areas out of the steep terrain. They can be standalone constructions, or they can be part of the broader building.

Patios And Walkways

Although it looks luxurious but will bring value for you and your property, it provides a pleasant and comfortable place to enjoy your time and gatherings in your outdoor area. Our expert team will design a long-lasting patio with high-quality materials to your desire. If you are interested in enjoying any place in your outdoor space and walking around your yard, please call us.

Land clearing/ Stump removal

Land clearance is part of our expertise for all types of fields. Our machinery and team can handle the clearing, stump removal, rock removal, woodworking, grubbing, and even removal of towering trees. We may also take care of the deposit after the waste has been removed so that you have your land ready to use. Whether you want to clear any land, call us to complete the job properly.

NAMIC landscape projects sample photos:

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