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” Building your dream house shouldn’t be a nightmare! “

As the essential part of any house, We believe that the kitchen should be a comfortable one.

To nail your dreams, our experts will try to find your points and demands to advise you and design to achieve your desire.

Before it’s even done, you’ll know what you’re got. If you want to view the restructuring of your kitchen, our designers will turn it into a 3D rendering system. At this point, you may modify all the elements that you want and assist you in deciding on your budget. You may be astonished by the achievements of our competent team by your budget.

NAMIC provides a comprehensive selection of typical, transitional, and modern cabinet designs.

NAMIC provides you the post-project assistance, together with a product guarantee, which our customers have long appreciated. Building a tailored functional environment is our profession for each customer demand.

NAMIC is proud to finalize the production, delivery, and installation of the projects in one working week!

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As the essential part of every kitchen, All premade high-quality Cabinets and boxes will come with marvelous colors to implement our designer’s plan and make your dreams come true. 3/4″ 7 layer plywood box and maple wood doors come with various range of marvelous colors to be a collection of art, quality, and application. For more details, please click here to see cabinetry pages.

Tile and floor covering:

 We never end up you to a short range of tiles and floor coverage as they are completing the job. NAMIC experts will stand beside you to grab your idea and implement it with the highest quality at your budget. Among all flooring types like Carpet, Vinyl, tile, and Laminates, based on their application type, based on consumers’ reports, Porcelain tile was judged to be the most durable form of flooring, resisting scratches, dents, and wetness,  also simple to maintain. However, laminate provides a more authentic wood look to complement your home’s design approach. Laminate has a thicker composition with the wood components, making it feel warmer and slightly softer. Vinyl, on the other hand, is harsh and chilly to the touch, making it a poor choice for main living areas and bedrooms. Many homeowners prefer the appearance of laminate over vinyl. Laminates, on the other hand, cannot be refinished. The ability to sand back and refinish natural timber flooring to restore its appearance over time is a desirable feature. Laminates are also not water-resistant. Laminate flooring is porous and susceptible to moisture because it is comprised of wood, despite the fact that the tile can endure a lifetime, if not more.

Tile is the most preferred choice for kitchen and bathroom flooring, according to anecdotal evidence. Furthermore, vinyl flooring is a popular flooring option for pet-owning families. Luxury vinyl tile and sheet are extremely robust, long-lasting, and water, scratch, and dent resistant. They’re also simple to keep clean. Vinyl tile is simple to clean, install, and maintain.

Kitchen hardware

NAMIC never ends up with a specific range of products among diversity range of products. We are here to hear what your idea is and match it with reality in your budget line. Having experience together with a continuous relationships with customers helped us to have lots of feedback from different types of products to advise other customers.

Samples of our Current Projects :

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