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We consider the cabinet design to be crucial as the critical component of any kitchen. The best planning is not limited to the design, shape, and color but also including a proper combination of the devices and space usage. We are specialized in cabinet design, production & installation. Our specialists will try to identify your passion and develop the ideas depending on your desires.NAMIC respect to client’s time and using premade cabinets are our privilege to reduce project design and delivery time.

NAMIC designers spend hours designing cabinets for you. Choosing the right design and color for your taste and space is our specialty.NAMIC knows Kitchen cabinets are an essential investment, and new wooden cabinetry should be, on average, a minimum of 20 years’ lifetime. When planning your kitchen makeover, you will want to carefully evaluate each choice’s pros and cons. Certain kinds of hardwood, such as hickory or maple, are more resistant to scratching and denting than walnut and mahogany. Durability and general quality will, however, cost more. In contrast, even if MDF is cheaper than wood, it can shatter or break under the extremes of stress. MDF is relatively weaker than wood. Moreover, MDF absorbs water quickly, contains urea-formaldehyde, including VOC that might cause lung and eye discomfort.

While laminate cabinets look more modern in design and significantly less expensive than wood cabinets, they are not durable and heat or scratch protected as much as a wooden ones.

With NAMIC, you will experience luxury, affordable journey.

Seven-layer plywood box:

In the construction of cabinets, Plywood is usually regarded as the best material. Plywood offers greater durability as it retains more efficiently screws and other mechanical fasteners. Furthermore, the splinter keeps together adhesive fasteners better than the particles and is more dents and scratch-resistant.

All our cabinets have a frameless 3/4″ 7 layer plywood box. The matching material is laminating to the front edge of the cabinet. Our plastic facial slitting tape is available as an option.

The plywood is also covered with a waterproof substance, the drawers are solid wood under-mount soft-close, and doors are solid Maple with metal hangers. It’s created stronger, and its layers are joined together with waterproof glue because it’ll be used outside and exposed to all kinds of weather.


Maple fits within traditional and contemporary designs because of its delicate texture. Your maple cabinets should last for years because it is solid and sturdy. Maple performs within conventional and modern methods because of its soft surface.

NAMIC provides both shaker and glossy-type doors to your desire.

Shaker kitchen doors and cabinets and Shaker drawers are pieces with a flat center panel, square corners, and little detailing or profile. The designs of the shaker’s cabinets are generally symmetric and avoid complex gravures and decoration. However, regardless of the material or coating you choose, you may choose gloss, matt, or semi-gloss finish for the final result.

NAMIC is here to enable you to realize your aspirations.


NAMIC completes your dreams with a collection of modern colors as Shaker white, Pearl white, Light grey, Stormy Grey, and Glossy white cabinets. We never limit you to these options. If you wish for any other color, we will make it. Our extraordinary color collection enables you to set more options of counter-tops, hardware, or other kitchen appliances to your location.

NAMIC brings a different style to your environment with the combination of modern colors together with professional design. Our experts will design your kitchen to find what color is the best match to your environment and show you all 3D plans before start. If you wish to imagine your new cabinetry with these colors, see the below samples.

Quartz countertops:

In a diversity of shades, styles, and colors, we offer Quartz countertops. Quartz countertops are the most popular because of their quality, price, and appearance also Quartz countertops are low maintenance, very robust, stylish, and eliminate imperfections. Implementing marvelous Quartz in your location helps us to complete your dreams.  below you will find few samples of the most popular Quartz counter-top samples.

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Photos of TCEstone Quartz

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